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All entries submitted during 2010 were considered for the Annual Competition $100,000 cash prize declared for Best Feature. $100,000 Production Assistance declared for Best Movie Script. $100,000 cash prize declared for Best Documentary. Public Screening of 2010 Annual Contest Winners: January 16, 2011 at Historic "Michigan Theater" in Ann Arbor, MI. USA.  For Details, go to Screening Schedule WINNERS: 2010 Annual Competition: Best Narrative Feature:  ( Cash Prize : $100,000 ) : 'Lucy's law' (63m, USA) Best Movie Script Feature:  ( $100,000 Production Assistance. ) : "What She said" (USA) Best Documentary Feature:  : (1) 'Core of Corruption: In the Shadows' (148m, USA) (2) '9/11 Mysteries (full length)' (91m, USA)    (withdrawn);=nl&fs;=true;=related Best Animation: (1) 'Animaminded' (5m, Brazil)  (2) 'Medusa' (2m, Canada)Best Drama Feature: 'Skinning the Cat' (75m, Canada)Best Drama Short: (1) 'The Hunt' (25m, Germany, UK) (2) 'Nemesis' (30m, Denmark) (Danish with English Subtitles) Best Horror Movie: 'EXILE the sound of sorrow' (43m, USA)Best Comedy: (1) 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles) (2) 'AMOUR'S UPGRADE'  (35m, Russia) Best Science Fiction Movie: 'Obsolesk'  (12m, USA)Best Foreign Language Film: (1) 'Tatliya Her Zaman Yer Vardir! (There is always room for Dessert!)'   (25m, Turkey)  (Turkish, with English subtitles) Best First Time Director: Alexandra Torterotot for 'L'Escalier' (4m, France) Best Female Director: Moema Umann for 'Before Breakfast' (20m, USA)   Best Student Project: 'EMotion *The Cardiogram of Life*'  (12m, India) Best Director: Kavita GandhiBest Movie Shot on Zero Budget (under $1K): 'Extreme Unction' (9m, USA)Best Movie Shot on Low Budget (under $50K): 'The Devil Drink' (15m, Ireland) Best War Movie: 'Frozen Souls' (19m, Italy) Best Director: (1) ctom for 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Jose r Novoa for 'Un Lugar Lejano (A far away Place )' (101m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles)Nominated:  (3) Eric Lavelle for 'L'Envers du Ciel' (22m, France)   (4) Elia Schneider for 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles)Best Actor in a Leading Role : (1) Juan Carlos Alarcon for role of Federico in 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles) (2) Joe Faro for role of Judge in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA)Best Actress in Leading Role: (1) Lauren Cullum for leading role (victim) in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Marcela Kloosterboer for role of Maria in 'Un Lugar Lejano (A far away Place )' (101m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles)Best Supporting Actor: (1) Erich Wildpret for role of Elias/ Vincent in 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles) (2) Charlie Langton for role of TV host in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) Best Supporting Actress: (1) Lisa Hemmie for role of Mother in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Jody Barong for role in 'Lexie Cannes' (71m, USA)Best Original Music Score: (1) Maestro Mohammad Nejad for 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Osvaldo montes for 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles)Nominated: (3) Nick DiLiberto for 'Medusa' (2m, Canada) (4) Frédéric Petit for 'L'Envers du Ciel' (22m, France) Best Cinematography: (1) ctom for Lucy's Law (63m, USA)  (2) Oscar perez for 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles)Nominated: (3) Cécile Georgakas for 'L'Envers du Ciel' (22m, France)   (4) Sean McGarry for 'The Devil Drink' (15m, Ireland) Best Film Editing: (1) Casy Hamson for 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA)  (2) Sergio Zottola for 'Des-autorizsdos (Un-authorized )' (98m, Venezuela)  (Spanish with English Sub-titles)Nominated:  (3) Satoshi Fujiya for 'EXILE the sound of sorrow' (43m, USA) (4) Allan Christensen for 'Nemesis' (30m, Denmark) (Danish with English Subtitles)Most Promising New Talent : (1) Daphine Campodonico for role of waitress in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Jessica Skipiol for role in 'TATLIYA HER ZAMAN YER VARDIR!' (25m, Turkey) (3) Emily Sandifer for leading role in Finding Sky  (70m, USA)Nominated:  (3) Michelle Schardt  for role of Psychologist in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (4) Christian Roux for role of Asst. Prosecutor in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA)Best Stunt Performer: (1) Philip Hartsoe for role of stand-in for parole Officer in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Greg Vest & Sean Kloc for fight scenes in 'A Grave Mistake' (30m, USA)Nominated:  (3) Nick DiLiberto for 'Medusa' (2m, Canada)  (4) Satoshi Fujiya for 'EXILE the sound of sorrow' (43m, USA)Best Method Actor: (1) Rickey Maynard for role of Chief Prosecutor in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA) (2) Douglas (Chip) O'Neal for role of Asst. Prosecutor in 'Lucy's Law' (63m, USA)Nominated:  (3) Melanie Camp for role of reporter in 'Life on the ENG' (15m, USA) (4) Sean McGarry for role of alcoholic in 'Devil Drink' (15m, Ireland)